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in texas or he worked for many, many years. he helped nurture george w. bush and help him get elected. governor of texas, then was beyond his presidential election as well. he is very, very strong in the texas energy industry, knows many wealthy people there. he is, by all accounts, a terrific fund-raiser. and someone -- wealthy people enjoy talking about politics with him. this is not a science. this is an art. it is a question of personal relationships. karl rove is very skilled and those things. >> what about his relationship with romney? >> they have no long history of friendship or alliance. but karl rove has become basically the embodiment of the establishment of republican party in the same way that romney is sort of the alternative to the tea party, rove is the alternative. rove basically helped push the tea party candidates to one side. he was important in 2010, 2011 criticizing people like michelle bachmann, herman cain, and basically helping us sort out the republican field so that romney could emerge. and this is because karl rove and his allies saw romney as the most elec
fagan, former george w. bush aide and political director. i will tell you two things. 46-46 in gallup among registered voters could be obama's number. 46%. in incumbents are below 50 that could be the number he gets. in other words, a landslide against him. number two, under all the numbers is the economy. that's going to decide the election. that's where the independents are going to break. what do you think? am i right? >> i think you're right. the problem for the president is that this uptick in unemployment is coming at the exact worst time for him. what we see in the numbers, i believe, is that mitt romney is lower than he should be for a couple of reasons. he isn't well known by the public. that will happen at the convention. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> second, he has to put definition on his economic plan. he does those things and the race will break open. >> okay. keith boykin, you're laughing. i love it when you laugh. we love humor on the show. but everybody in the country knows barack obama. if he's still at 46%, what does that tell you, keith? >> first of all, mitt romney has
, nation building approach that george w. bush pursued. so again there, i think where obama is sort of where the country is. >> fareed zakaria, always a pleasure. again, your article is "failure to launch" in "time" magazine. let's remind everybody, they should be aching up on sunday and watching you, at 10:00 eastern, fareed zakaria jgps right here on cnn. fareed, thank. >>> a lot more news unfolding this hour, including this -- >> one of the godfathers of cnn says break up the banks. and i'm about to talk with one of the watchdogs who says those banks along with d.c. ripped off americans. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >>> the man who served as president bush's cia director joins me now. i'll ask michael hayden about leaks, drones, and about what he thinks about the job performance of america's current president. >>> plus, investors on edge as facebook gets ready to announce its earnings. we're counting down until the closing bell. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts! who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how a
in the words of george w. bush, but how do you go on a big presidential trip as a presidential candidate and not going to afghanistan? how do you not go to where we're still at war? in an interview today with brian williams, he turned down the chance, but if you compare his foreign policy and obama's foreign policy, you see that while mitt is good at using the tough sounding words that have worked so well for republicans for a generation, he's less good at actually differentiating himself from the president. joining us now is spencer ackman, national security writer, a friend of mine, and somebody who has actually dug deep into the foothills of romney's foreign policy. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so you wrote a great piece today, and the title was the five thinks we learned about how mitt could run the world. number one is he seems to run the world when it comes to afghanistan, egypt, and iran a lot like obama is running the world. >> a lot like if romney hired obama's aides but they had nothing but bad things to say about themselves. you get a lot of rhetoric about how this
real housewives"." how much. >>> some hollywood love for george w. bush from debra messing. she praised bush for his work against aids. >>> in a conference call, "newsweek" announced it may stop printing the magazine by the end of the year. established in 1933 and its stories, analysis and commentary will continue online. >>> roseanne barr went a little too far in a tweet criticizing chick-fil-a restaurants for opposing same-sex marriage. barr's tweet said in part that people who eat at chick-fil-a deserve to "get the cancer that is sure to come from eating torture-filled chickens." >>> hooere is your "first look"t how wall street is going to open the day. the dow opens up at 12,676. the s&p was down a fraction. the nasdaq fell eight. taking a look at overseas trading this morning, in tokyo, the nikkei rose 77 points. >>> the worst news came from zynga, slashing its 2012 outlook and badly missed earnings estimates. it plunged as much as 40% after hours. investors fear a ripple effect for facebook when it delivers its first earnings report today, the social network, which gets 15% of its
of the republican party, former president george w. bush, will not be attending the republican contention next month. he will not be speaking there. he said he prefers to stay out of politics. but stepping into the public eye today was his wife, former first lady laura bush, in washington, d.c. she was attending an international aids conference, and abc's jon karl had a chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with her. >> reporter: i was surprised to see that neither you nor president bush are going to the republican convention. >> that's right. >> reporter: why is that? >> well, both bushes are not going. george's dad played the age card. >> reporter: it's a little easier for him. >> but we just felt like we, you know, we'll say, we'll be watching from the sidelines. >> reporter: but she's not afraid to take on republicans who want to cut foreign aid. >> it's in our moral interest as a country, the wealthiest country in the world, and we still are the wealthiest country in the world, to help other people, if we can. >> reporter: as president, her husband launched a $15 billion effort to fight
, previously he had a number of distinguished responsibilities in both the reagan, george h.w. bush and george w. bush administrations. first the special assistance to the president and deputy to the chief of staff and in the white house for intergovernmental affairs. as many diplomatic posts have included ambassador to the united nations in geneva, assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs and most recently as president george w. bush's national envoy to sudan. he is also a longtime member and i think now vice chairman of the tours at the international republican institute. so, we are very glad to welcome both rich and michelle to this podium. proteins prides itself as a nonpartisan think tank and in that context we are hosting this event today. our moderator is a guest scholar of brookings and chief quarters make respondent for cbs and nbc news, former anchor of the nbc "meet the press" program and also most recent lame as the hunting legacy, marvin powell. it's my pleasure to hand podium to you. >> thank you very much. i assume all of you are foreign policies and i
speech writer for president george w. bush and julie ro begin sky, former adviser to new jersey senator frank i lautenberg and -- frank lautenberg and a fox news contributor. this is not the first time we've seen joe biden deliver the message that the other guy, you know, romney, they just don't get you, or the republicans, they don't get the real working class, middle class americans. they don't understand them. this is all in the context of arguing for a tax hike on wealthier americans, marc, and he talked about that wealthy people are just as patriotic as poor folks, they're just as deem as middle class folks, but no one asks them to do anything and that they need to understand better the concept of shared responsibility. your thoughts? [laughter] >> well, i think, look, i think mitt romney has given them plenty of opportunities to make this kind of of attack from the swiss bank accounts in the cayman islands to the $10,000 bet with rick perry and all the rest. but let's not -- let's remember, barack obama is the guy who in 2008 said ha working class americans were bitter and were cl
economic policies will be different from george w. bush. listen to this. >> one, take advantage of our energy resources. particularly natural gas, but also coal, oil, nuclear, renewables. number two, trade. i want to dramatically increa particularly with latin america. number four, show better training and education for our current workers and coming workers. and finally what i call restoring economic freedom. that means keep our taxes as low as possible. >> platitudes. i mean, first of all -- i want trade. sure. right? so some of that is platitudes. >> freedom, justice. >> freedom, justice, the american way. some of that is saying words that resonate. some of that is talking quite specifically about obama era policies. he's talking about keeping taxes low. i'm not sure what he thinks he means by that, but certainly in this moment, president obama has kept taxes extremely low. even in the context of our economic recovery. and i think what he means is maintaining the bush era tax cuts at the top. something that president obama has indicated. he thinks needs to expire for it to move towa
. this comes from a top foreign policy advisor who was then provide to sudan for george w. bush and accused him of leaking to "new york times" reporter who wrote a book about mr. obama's foreign policy. carney said williamson based the claim on rumors. >> that same person called russia the soviet union multiple occasions and he called governor romney governor reagan and could not accurately or intelligently or coherently state a foreign policy difference between this president and the governor. >>reporter: the admiral who led the bin laden raid says that both the white house and capitol hill are taking the leaks very, very seriously and says they need to because the leak could cost lives. >>shepard: thank you from the white house. >> the labor department is reporting a steep drop in the number of americans applying for jobless benefits, down by 35,000 last week for 353,000. that is a new or nearly a now year lower but temperature factors could cause the dramatic ups and downs we have seen recently. and now to gerri, anchor of the willis report. how reliable are the numbers? >>gerri: not so much
and there's nothing we can't do if we put our backs into it. that reminds me of early term george w. bush. it was about how much america wanted it. the real lesson romney's camp, the people who are chacined by the bush administration, they have to be reeling from that. >> if you want to look to the guy whose words and actions match up and have been more consistent, that's obama. it's not romney. it's obama who in 2007 said he was doing to have an all-out effort to kill osama bin laden with or without pakistan. obama said who he was going to increase troop levels in pakistan. who said he was going to end the rack war. when you look at romney then, sometimes now, sometimes last tuesday, sometimes next wednesday, it's a little different. you've got an actually more hawkish romney on iran than you do this time around. russia is the biggest foe until this new speech at the vfw in which iran poses the danger. it's more difficult to get a sense of where that resolve actually plays out, and i tell you, i wanted to walk out on this speech so badly. and romney denied me the facts, figures, numbers.
george w. bush will not be attending the republican convention next month. he said he prefers to stay out of politics. what did he call it -- >> getting out of the swamp not crawling back in. but his wife laura stepped into the public eye, in washington, attending a conference on aids. >> reporter: i was surprised to see that neither you or president bush are going to the republican convention. >> that's right. >> reporter: why is that? >> both bushs are not going. george's dad played the age card. he loves to say that. we just felt like we will, be watching from the sidelines. >> reporter: she is not afraid to talk on republican whose want to cut foreign aid. >> it's in our moral interest as a country. the wealthiest country in the world. and we still are the wealthiest country in the world to -- to help other people if we can. >> reporter: as president her husband launched a $15 billion effort to fight aids in africa something that caused elton john this week to tell us bush had done more to fight aids than any other president. >> i didn't like his policies. when i met him i found him c
trillion national debt. but our program under george w. bush -- the tarp program under george w. bush, the federal reserve printed $15 trillion to pass that budget. this money going out the back door from this government agency, nothing going to happen. is my comment. host: on twitter, john in north carolina finishes that sentence -- he says perhaps boring $400 million a day might being a little disruptive in the long run. maverick says we should have spending cuts because america cannot afford the bush tax cuts which is paid for by borrowing. finally, another comment, but of course, spending cuts that will definitely happen are the cutting and repeal of obamacare. now our next caller. caller: spending cuts should not happen. government is everywhere. i mean that in a good way. in the structure -- in philadelphia we had a water main break because the infrastructure is never maintained. people believe they want to return to the wild west. there was very little government, but people died at the age of 40, there was tribalism, the nomophobia was everywhere. people say that they want to
bring up a good point. he has the same daddy issues that george w. bush had. >> oh, god. >> and when he loses the election in november he is going to accuse his father for it. >> yep. yep. all right. god save us from rich white boys that have daddy issues. >> yeah, we have had enough of that. >> contrast obama's ability to ad lib and romney. these trees are the right size. >> do you have the same look on your face when you watch him on tv. i'm like what are you? >> just don't talk. >> we were saying i don't know how i'm going to get through the election because of the fact that he is so irritating. >> he is not authentic. >> yeah he is like the movie popcorn butter. he is like a human-like substance. >> it's yellow and oily -- >> it's like a chinese knockoff of a human. >> japanese robots that try to convey emotion, but they just don't quite do it. >> yeah, he is like he's an earlier version that they haven't perfected yet. >> yeah, he is like one of those early, early pringles. >> right. >> it seemed like space food. >> yeah, like space ice cream. >> they didn't find t
is going on with democrats toward bush in 1984 and what happened toward george h.w. bush when he was 22 favorable with democrats. so, what we are seeing is historic feeling that, really, you can go back to 1968 and republican numbers, of course, lbj were not in that range. the feelings that existed and you can see the same sort of numbers impacting democrat enthusiasm of the election, why republicans took over congress in 2010. it is why republicans have a great chance of taking over the senate in 2012 and that gives obama the opportunity to look at something and say, wow, i really did build this. >>neil: we will watch closely. thank you, chris wilson. forget u.k., is this where governor romney should be going instead and tell this give where to get off? >> this crisis was not originated in europe, since you mention north america, this crisis was originated in north america. [ male announcer ] at scottrade, you won't just find us online, you'll also find us in person, with dedicated support teams at over 500 branches nationwide. so when you call or visit, you can ask for a name you know
this repudiation of george w. bush, i know he's not coming to the convention, but he signed sarbanes oxley. oxley is mike oxley mitigating circumstance predsessor as chairman of the committee. it's an accounting requirement. and what this does is to make another chunk out of that regulation. maybe we hear different people. the american people -- my friend says the american people are crying out for an end to regulation. every indication i have is everybody is tired of irresponsibility, by a few, not everybody, but they are tired of people being scammed and the notion that the fact -- that what we need is less regulation is an odd one. it comes from people who didn't see the cry sess we had because sarbanes-oxley came about after enron. so i would align myself with president bush, i think he got this up with right. i think mike oxley got this one right. for startups, for people about to go public, they have a $250 million exemption. but to give a permanent exemption is a mistake and don't start monkeying with cost benefit analysis. the chair: the gentleman's time has expired. the question is on th
supports, barack obama supports that george w. bush supported. why can't we start right there, and get that passed this year? no reason except our insanity. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ >> a new ad we will play for you when we come back here with lynn sweet, chicago sun times methderr death shiner from row call and bill cress part full-court press. you are welcome to join our conversation at 866-55-press. we will be right back. >> this is the bill press show. of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our her unique mix of comedy and politics to current tv. >> it's like a reality show, they're just turning cameras on and we just do our thing. >>politically direct to me means no b.s., the real thing, cutting through the clutter. i'm energized to start my show everyday because it's fun, because i care about what's going on in this country, rather than some sort of tired banter it is actual water cooler talk it's the way people really talk about these
face after eight years of george w. bush, who was not popular. it's mandatory for a presidential candidate to make these kind of tours. the big stop will be israel. we'll see a lot of governor romney in israel probably with bebe netanyahu, very close and prominent jewish fund-raisers who want to peel away the jewish vote from the democratic party. >> one thing we saw in our poll was that both candidates have high negative ratings. obviously the campaign is taking the toll with some voters. do you think the attacks on romney have been successful? do they hurt president obama where voters say he's likable? >> it's a double-edged sword. very senior republicans are very worried about the success of the obama campaign and the president himself defining governor romney. that's the last thing you want to do in american politics. on the other hand it probably has lowered the public estimation of president obama personally. they just don't like negative voting. a lot of this will change once the conventions get under way. we'll have a redefinition beginning in august. >> you reported some
knows a lot about polls and politics and the george w. bush administration, that man, karl rove. good morning to you. >> good morning. how is everybody? >> we're ok. mitt romney as we wake up is over in london. explain the strategy of mitt romney going over to the london olympics and is this part of a sttegy? i mean, a lot of people don't know he was involved in the -- >> yeah, it gives a chance for the campaign to highlight the fact that he was called to rescue the 2002 winter olympics in salt lake in the midst of a horrible bout of mismanagement and corruption and about ready to collapse and he was asked to come in by the host committee and save it. so this gives him a chance to sort of highlight his public service having left his career at bain in order to take a leave of absence to run the olympics. >> is the down side or the risk, i should say, that when he goes on this international tour, that he will have to spell out with more detail his foreign policy positions which he hasn't done yet? >> this is a welcome opportunity to do so. first of all, it puts him on a big stage. we
in history to the biggest surplus in history. president clinton handed president george w. bush a record surplus. the only time in the last 30 years in which we actually had the budget in balance was after we raised taxes on those at the very top. the very level we are talking about now. between 1993, and 2001 this country created an unprecedented number of jobs, 22.7 million net. and did so while benefiting everyone up and down the economic ladder. not every individual but every quarter. economic growth in every quarter. we witnessed a decrease in the number of americans in poverty and we saw the creation of more millionaires and billionaires than ever before. president clinton's deficit reduction plan not only reduced the deficit but eliminated entirely. not only did we create that prosperity but president clinton handed off a record surplus. it needs to be said and handed off a record surplus to incoming president george w. bush. in fact when president bush took office we are on track to complete a often national debt. with $5 trillion of surpluses projected in the next ten years. and
security who served under president george w. bush, agree. they and many other officials have joined current secretary of homeland security, janet nap, the current -- janet napolitano, and keith alexander and others in warning as follows "the cyber threat is imminent to america. it poses as serious a challenge to our national security as the introduction of nuclear weapons in the global debate 60 years ago." the experts are sounding the alarm, calling us to take action now. to prevent a catastrophic cyber attack that could cripple our nation's economy, cause widespread loss of life, sadly, send our economy into free fall. when the cybersecurity act of 2012 comes up for a vote the senate will have an opportunity to take action on this critical bill that will enhance our national security. in light of these warnings from the experts, the least we can do in the senate is to vote to open the debate on this critically important bill. i want thank its sponsors, senator lieberman, chairman of the committee, senator collins, the ranking member, senator feinstein on the intelligence committee
reagan and his commitment to israel? he never went to israel. the as anybody criticized george w. bush? he did not know until his second term. what has this administration actually done for the state of israel? that increased security assistance levels to historic levels. has never been higher. we have added funding to protect israeli citizens against rockets coming from gaza. we have stood by him in the un, vetoing resolutions that were trying to condemn israel. >> excuse me, but why it is there still of feeling, the stories that are written that the relationship between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, for example, are so tense and strange? >> that is a good question. this is an issue where we have always had bipartisan consensus. it is important to hear from the mouths of israelis what they think about the obama administration and their policies. this is from time minister netanyahu. he said there is one thing that stands out clearly in the middle east today, that israel and america stand together. the obama administration gives back to israel security in an unprecedent
he was able to do with george w. bush. is his power now doubled, tripled, tenfold given what he can do with t system now? >> it's so much broader. bush's success at fund-raising was about bundling. rove and ed gillespie looked at mccain-feingold and said we are in trouble without some changes. now with the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce, rove having a billion dollars to spend on the election. >> when i came in as chairman and a lot of people with the narrative in washington is about fund-raising and all of that. my first call with a major donor, i'm giving to rove's group. i said, you can give to rove's group and our group. that's the reality for the political parties. these entities. citizens united. >> it's frightening. >> they can have a bigger impact bit boils down to this. the bottom line is the ground game. that's where they don't get to play yet. i suspect down the road, they will. watch for that. >> it's also, i think, scary because as much as we express concern about past negative campaigns and goodness knows we can think of them, there was a degree of accountabilit
helped create the excitement three or so years ago. some are suggesting that george w. bush would go down as a terrible president. i was one of those. i don't understand why the democrats aren't excited or even frantic. the last time i looked the republican congress has shut down the country in the last three and a half years. i think election day will answer this question. lou writes i was excited about electing obama because he ran on the platform of providing universal health care. what we ended up with was more money and power going to the insurance giants with the mandate. he caved on the biggest issue of our time. it's hard to get excited about that. and any in atlanta writes, hey, democrat here, i'm more excited to vote this year than i was in 2008. if you want to read more on this, go to the blog, or through our post on the "the situation room" facebook page. wolf. >>> jack, thank you. >>> and you're in "the situation room." happening now there are new concerns that syria's chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the wrong hands. just ahead we're getting n
. you look back and richard nixon, ronald reagan, george h.w. bush, bob dole, many of them, particularly republicans have been sort of very reserved men who are hesitant to talk about themselves. the truth we live in a oprah style confessional society. we first saw it with bill clinton --. martha: spilling it all the time how great you are. >> bill clinton was talking about what kind of underwear he wore for goodness sakes. for better or worse the american people expect the president or presidential candidate to really talk about themselves, their own personal backgrounds. i think governor romney really needs to kind of get over that. president obama -- president obama has no problem doing it with himself. martha: it is baked into your dna we all know people like that. we understand it. listen to another piece from the interview and i want to get some more thoughts from you guys. >> my wife and i we try to give 10% of our time, not just 10% of our money but also time to service in the community and those thing have enriched our life. have give us perspectives that go beyond the group of
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)